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Europe-wide MOOC on reducing data centres’ energy consumption

A consortium of institutions from around Europe including Leeds Beckett University and University College Dublin have launched an online course highlighting ways of reducing the costly levels of energy consumption by data centres.
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Higher education data project to focus on the student journey

Open data's role in helping institutions and students understand more about the journey through higher education will be the main focus of a project to demonstrate the value of open data to universities, Universities UK policy researcher William Hammonds has revealed in a blogpost.

Companies are struggling to find the data skills they need says new report from...

New report from Nesta looks at the data skills that leading companies look for and the implications for policy and management. Policymakers, educators and industry need to address data skills shortages by upskilling workers, improving the supply of data talent from education, and changing perceptions of data work as boring.
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‘Creating value from open data’ programme launches today

Open data can help increase universities' efficiency, says Paul Clark, launching UUK's 'Creating value from open data' joint programme with the Open Data Institute. UUK is already leading a programme of work which supports efficiency and modernisation in the university sector, and open data can play a key role in this. Opening data on, for example, procurement costs, energy costs and usage, or space utilisation will allow institutions to benchmark one another and drive down costs. There may also be opportunities through transferring good practice from one part of the sector to another.