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University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland

Turning Insight into Action to Meet Recruitment Targets: The ‘You Still Can’ Campaign

With a rise in tuition fees and a declining population of 18 year olds, the University of Sunderland conducted an analysis of who was applying for which courses. The results determined how they would campaign to increase interest and applications. In this blog, David Turton, Campaign and Conversion Manager for The University of Sunderland, discusses the results and strategy of the "You Still Can" campaign, and why it was successful.
Teaching Laboratory in the University of Sunderland's science complex

Championing change in Sunderland’s new science complex

When the University of Sunderland refurbished its science complex, the ambitions for the project was to transform the faculty’s culture. The university’s head of estates, Iain Garfield, explains how engaging “change champions” was key to the project’s success.