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Richard III coffin

The king in the car park: managing a story that gripped the world

Universities dream of the blockbusting discovery that will print their name in the history books. In 2013, that day arrived for the University of Leicester when it discovered and identified the body of the mythical Richard III. Ather Mirza reflects on how the spine-tingling discovery was revealed to the world through a sophisticated plan of media engagement.

Why blockchain could be the future in knowledge procurement

More applications are emerging for blockchain - a formerly obscure technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin. Nick Petford, chair of the Procurement UK forum and vice chancellor of the University of Northampton, is excited about its potential for procurement.

10 years of safe single sign-on access

Single sign-on access has made logging in to multiple academic resource sites much easier and more secure. Mark Williams toasts 10 years of safer researching.
CCTV camera

Making campus safety more efficient

A government code regulating CCTV stimulated Aston University to take a fresh look at their surveillance technology. Mark Sutton explains how complying with the surveillance commissioner's code has resulted in efficiencies and savings.
Collaborative teaching laboratory at the University of Birmingham

How one university is tackling under-utilised teaching spaces

Single discipline teaching labs can often be under used: typically for just 24 weeks per year. Ian Tidmarsh explains how new larger teaching labs at the University of Birmingham aim to provide more flexibility, higher utilisation and thus deliver better value for money.
A building at the University of Wolverhampton featured in the report

UK university income grows by £2bn in one year, AUDE report reveals

UK Universities' response to the efficiency agenda and their own income generating projects have helped them increase their income to a record £30bn.

Case studies

Achieving sustainability: Imperial College London – March 2013

A priority for Imperial College London is to generate the required margin for sustainability - approximately £100m a year. It aims to do this by maintaining a flat base in staffing costs, growing core areas of research income and nurturing a culture of equipment sharing.

Better teacher recruitment – Loughborough University – case study – March 2016

Loughborough University’s change team reviewed processes relating to the recruitment and payment of part-time university teachers on an hourly rate. The information needed for the university HR systems is now gathered once from the university teacher to be used in multiple places with claims are now online rather than on paper.

Cloud services – Kindura – case study – June 2013

Project to pilot a hybrid cloud, shared service and in-house model for providing repository-focused services to researchers across partner institutions.
Photocredit: Simon Veit-Wilson
Newcastle University's Information Team (photo credit: Simon Veit-Wilson )