Provide a case study

Is there a major achievement at your university that you would like to highlight? Why not create a case study to share what you and your colleagues have been doing and what outcomes have been achieved.

In a survey of our readers, 88% of respondents said that they want to see case studies on Efficiency Exchange, so there is clearly a demand from your fellow professionals to hear about your successes and lessons learned.

A case study would usually be around 700 words in length and would have the following characteristics:


  • Summary – a brief description of the project
  • Background – how the project started
  • Benefits – what difference did it make?
  • Success factors – what made the project a success
  • Learning points – some bullet points outlining lessons for others
  • Contact info – a contact name and email address to which further enquiries can be directed


  • Quantifiable benefits – savings / return on investment data
  • Images
  • Testimonials

If you have a case study that you would like to write, please contact Dr Cristina Devecchi to discuss it further.

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