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Jennifer Gane and John Wiseman

Eureka! Classicist finds solution in degree apprenticeship

Some graduates find themselves unsuited to the fast-changing world of employment despite impeccable qualifications. Degree apprenticeships can be a good way to provide the skills needed in the workforce. Classics graduate Jennifer Gane found that by landing a degree apprenticeship in digital technology solutions she was able to link a dead language, to one that's very much alive - and find a job.
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Practical teaching with technology – free MOOC

On May 1st 2017, the Bloomsbury Learning Environment is launching a free, new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Get Interactive: Practice Teaching with Technology.
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Five research equipment booking systems reviewed

Last year Jisc began looking for the best way to show use and sharing of research equipment across the UK. The search uncovered a number of web apps and systems that already collect data on usage, and drive efficiencies in this area. They're primarily used by researchers, principal investigators and lab technicians across a number of institutions. Daniela Duca has been looking at five of them in more detail.
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Using students to help stop students dropping out

Who better to ask about why students drop out than students themselves? Jamie Rawsthorne was in his first year at the University of West of England when he met with vice chancellor Steve West to see how he could help prevent students leaving before the end of their courses. The result was the start of his company Unique Insights. Jamie explains why and how he took on the retention challenge.
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How universities can use learning analytics to boost retention

Boosting retention is an area where learning analytics could have a big part to play in supporting fair access. Universities pulling together access agreements for next year should have learning analytics in their sights according to Jisc's Phil Richards and Joel Mullan.
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Using social media to make your university events sing

Social media has many uses outside the obvious. One is to help you communicate effectively with people at events such as open days. Scott Hibberson from Jisc has some advice and examples of how to use social in higher education to create bonds and add value so that everyone benefits.

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