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Blockchain Meets Higher Education: How Blockchain can help assess social impact and value for...

2018 will mark the 10-year anniversary since the blockchain technology was created. Despite its young age and rather slow technology adoption speed, its evolution has taken a new lease of life recently. Ten years on there is no lack of conferences, from Mumbai to Moscow, from Dubai to New York researchers, developers, academics and just enthusiasts are carried away by the potential of the technology. But what can Blockchain do for Higher Education? Maryam Taghiyeva explains.

Reclaiming efficiency as value co-creation: Blockchain for an inclusive university landscape

Times of change require new ways to think, but also new ways to capture what we do and its impact. In this blog, our Editor-in-Chief sets the scene for a series of blogs focused on the use of Blockchain as an innovative tool to answer some of the challenges universities face in showing they are ‘value for money’ and ‘value for students’.

A model for cross-sector collaboration: how commercial activity at Ravensbourne benefits academic teams and...

The Enterprise and Innovation Centre manages the commercial activities of Ravensbourne, including industry events, short courses and live briefs for industry. In this blog Commercial Projects Manager, Ruth Nicholls, discusses what a dedicated innovation department can offer academic teams, particularly in relation to enhancing student experience.

The right tools for the job: harnessing the power of student voice through HearNow

In this blog Jo Clarkson, Market Research and Insight Manager at the University of Warwick, shares how the HearNow project increased students’ feedback while minimising survey fatigue. The project by gathering students’ opinions as ‘snap-shot’ sentiments through technology and Gamification raised the number of active users from 200 to 13,000 with an average of 50% response rate.


Rob Hunter is Managing Director and Founder of Hunterlodge Advertising. In this piece he draws our attention to the changing landscape of personal data management and the need for the HE sector as a whole to prepare for effective compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Graduate prospects in a ‘lights-out’ future? The ‘Earn to Learn’ Scheme

How to prepare students for the job market is becoming an essential part of how universities can prove they are value for money and value for our students. Yet, the job market is uncertain and fast changing. Ian Herbert shares with us how the ‘Earn to Learn’ (EtoL) scheme is enabling the University of Loughborough to provide students with work experience by collaborating with organisations and policy makers.

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