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Breaking the barriers to engagement: Understanding higher education perceptions through young researchers

Understanding the barriers to higher education among disadvantaged communities is a principal challenge. Jemma Basham writes on the Hefce blog about an innovative project in Yorkshire that is training young people to be researchers, thereby unlocking fresh understanding and solutions for the future.

A toolkit to encourage more ambitious access agreements

Universities can do much more to target resources at widening the participation of adult learners, a research report funded and published by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) suggests. Dr John Butcher of the Open University outlines some ways universities are attracting adult learners and introduces a toolkit developed by OFFA that can encourage more of these initiatives.
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Be better with digital, students tell staff in Jisc survey

Students have stated their frustration at staff's lack of training in - and inconsistent use of - technology in Jisc's digital student tracker report. The survey which involved 22,000 higher education students is one of the largest of its kind.
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Is anybody out there?

Changes to key metrics that make up the TEF will mean that universities will become more reliant on good quality outcomes data. Brian Hipkin says more demanding requirements will mean less time chasing staff for up-to-date student data but will require universities to forge a new relationship with graduates.

Kate Williams – with this role you get a perspective across the entire university

Nobody engages in equality and diversity issues to win badges, says Kate Williams, but the University of Leicester’s deputy pro-vice chancellor for equality and diversity has been part of a team whose commitment has been recognised with awards and charter marks. She tells Efficiency Exchange about her role and what works when leading culture change.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (We’re Yours)

UK Universities spend hundreds of millions of pounds each year on access measures, but  a small ‘nudge’ can go a long way. Eliza Selley, an associate advisor in the Behavioural Insights Team, writes that their research has revealed that even a simple letter can be surprisingly effective at influencing prospective students’ behaviour.

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