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Overall view of the Mission Control Center (MCC), Houston, Texas, during the Gemini 5 flight. Note the screen at the front of the MCC which is used to track the progress of the Gemini spacecraft.

What happens when the dial turns red?

When the data shows that a student is struggling, how should universities respond? Brian Hipkin issues a plea to academics and their professional services colleagues to work together more to understand the student lifestyle from the student's perspective.
Times Higher Education

Are bonds the right way for your university to fund investment?

Bonds are becoming a popular way of funding investment in higher education but this Times Higher Education article warns that you might not be able to get everything you want from a financing deal. The article urges universities to consider all the options to find a method of financing that suits them.

Developing efficient and sustainable buildings

A sustainable building is usually an efficient one and when new build and refurbishment projects are designed with future decades in mind, they can save money in running costs, maintenance and redevelopment. With this in mind, the University of Edinburgh is developing guidance on how building and redevelopment projects should be conducted as Andrew Arnott explains.

Impact of high performance computing facility revealed by N8 partnership

N8's high performance computing (HPC) facility has led to more than 90 collaborations between universities and businesses to date, a report by the research partnership has revealed. The document highlighting the impact N8 is having on the north's economy says the N8 HPC has featured in 84 grant applications totalling £59.8m and its use noted in 377 published research papers.

Balancing the needs of managers and planners in a performance planning framework

When the University of Lincoln considered their current performance management processes through the eyes of their academic managers, it provided valuable insights. Liz Lacey explains how blending two different approaches helped to inform a review of the way performance planning is carried out by academic leads.

Operational efficiency or ‘how I became a Bollywood stuntwoman’

Operational efficiency or Bollywood stunts? In this post on the AHUA blog you will get more of the former than the latter from University of York's David Duncan who shares his advice on maintaining an efficient and effective administration.

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