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ProtectED: A way forward for universities which aims to improve student safety and well-being

Student safety should be a priority for all universities, but with 39% of universities not providing sexual misconduct training for staff, and only 29% of universities with a mental health and well-being strategy, this demonstrates there is need for improvement. Lucy Winrow from ProtectED discusses student safety and understanding 'what works', driving change in national standards in the HE sector and safeguarding the student experience

Preparing Unconfident Adults to Access STEM Degrees

In the second of our series on widening participation, Dr John Butcher at the Open University reflects on the benefits of the ‘Preparatory Programme', aimed at supporting mature students succeed in STEM courses.

Turning Insight into Action to Meet Recruitment Targets: The ‘You Still Can’ Campaign

With a rise in tuition fees and a declining population of 18 year olds, the University of Sunderland conducted an analysis of who was applying for which courses. The results determined how they would campaign to increase interest and applications. In this blog, David Turton, Campaign and Conversion Manager for The University of Sunderland, discusses the results and strategy of the "You Still Can" campaign, and why it was successful.

Student Voice: It’s not all about the satisfaction rates on the back of a...

This decade has witnessed huge changes across education, and a shift towards consumerist language and a marketised approach. Dr Valerie Hall says that if we want to enable student agency, we need to consider the implications of seeing student voice only as something to be ‘measured’ and benchmarked.

Why Universities Should Be Investing In Lab Sustainability

While there has been some criticism on how universities invest in their estate, there are also example of innovative practices to make buildings more ecological sound and effective. The Lab Sustainability Initiative at the University of Bristol is one of such examples.

Engaging In Radical Work: Students As Partners In Academic Publishing

Students as partners is the radical antithesis of the consumerist mind-set in higher education. Yet students have traditionally been absent from one key arena of academia: publishing. Ruth Healey, from University of Chester with co-authors Mick Healey, from University of Gloucestershire and Anthony Cliffe from Liverpool John Moores University, discuss The International Journal for Students as Partners which seeks to address this absence through pairing academic and student co-editors for all its sections.

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