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What are you going to do next?

As a mature student, are you concerned that time before rejoining university was now maybe a waste or that possibly you’re going to be disadvantaged by it? Dr Douglas Hamilton shares his mature student experiences and shows students, of all ages, what can be achieved by creating your own luck and grabbing opportunities that come your way.

Improving the E-communication journey for enquirers and applicants – the right message at the...

E-communication is widely used for interacting with potential students to help them make an informed decision about their place of study. To ensure this method is delivering the desired experience, reviews of e-communication should take place to keep messaging fresh and relevant. In this blog Marion Malcolm of the University of Aberdeen discusses their project to review the E-communication to pre-registered students, with clear aims of ensuring the branding and student experience is consistent and that there is clarity in job roles with the overall goal of enhancing efficiency.

How can universities help students create a sustainable future?

The university sector has an essential role to play in tackling the world’s sustainability challenges – not just in developing research-based solutions but in influencing the attributes of students that graduate each year. In this blog, Dr Neil Jennings (Imperial College London) and Quinn Runkle (National Union of Students) discuss projects that have been successful at equipping students across all disciplines with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to address sustainability challenges while at university and in their future careers.

Peer mentoring and welcome workshops

At Nottingham Trent University (NTU), we are seeking to increase engagement and retention through student peer mentoring and the delivery of a new Welcome Workshop. This workshop, has been co-created and co-facilitated by our student mentors, is designed to instil a sense of belonging and student agency in all undergraduate first-years starting in September 2018.

Staff development for Blended Learning? An international perspective from Hong Kong Universities.

Many institutions have ambitious strategies to engage learners, broaden access and increase success using blended approaches. Yet in an evolving innovation landscape, making intelligent use of Learning Technology at scale requires strong support for staff across all parts of an institution. Providing effective professional development for Blended Learning is a growing challenge, and in this blog Dr Maren Deepwell and Dr Thomas Palmer highlight some new developments from ALT Members at Hong Kong Universities.

Inverness Science Festival

There are many ways to engage future students in activities to encourage them to consider a career within STEM industries. In this blog, Mairi Stewart, researcher for the University of Highlands and Islands, discusses the science and technology festival they hold, to engage the general public in current research that also provides career progressive experiences for students through volunteering throughout the festival.

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