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Ensemble purchasing: mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Smaller institutions in London are joining forces to get bigger bang for their buck from procurement. Kat Humphries introduces Ensemble Purchasing, a new cost sharing group dedicated to procurement.
picture credit: McCoy-Wynne

How can learning and teaching technology support efficiency?

Technology can help professional and academic staff do their job more efficiently but it can also produce efficiency gains for students. Lucy Haire looks at what universities are doing to introduce technology to improve teaching and learning for students.

Finding ‘Pain Points’ in the Student Journey

Like all service users, students have their stories of where their experience could have been improved. Jean Mutton presents some of the findings from a Jisc study seeking to identify these 'pain points'.

HESA launches bid to remove barriers to the reuse of its datasets

A five year plan to open up higher education data was unveiled on Thursday by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Rosie Niven reports on the agency’s key recommendations.

The rise of the new academic advisor

Could the advent of the TEF see the emergence of a new breed of data-empowered academic advisors? Student experience consultant Brian Hipkin says the growth in student-generated ‘teaching excellence’ metrics could herald the introduction of this role.
Jayne Dowden, chief operating officer, University of Cardiff

Jayne Dowden: ‘We’ve made steps to convince Treasury that efficiency is on our agenda’ 

Cardiff University has been undergoing a massive change programme along with a series of transformational projects, all this whilst continuing making a significant contribution to the economy of Wales. We caught up with chief operating officer Jayne Dowden to find out how she juggles such a challenging portfolio.

Efficiency Exchange at ARMA 2016

This week, Efficiency Exchange is at the ARMA 2016 conference in Birmingham where we will be reconnecting with research managers from across the UK higher education sector.

Measuring equipment utilisation – could impact be the answer?

While there is much interest in promoting the sharing of equipment and measuring its usage, this raises the spectre of yet more data collection. But what if we made more use of universities’ investments in impact reporting – would that help? asks Adrian Cox.

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