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Collaborative teaching laboratory at the University of Birmingham

Collaborative teaching laboratory: how one university is tackling under utilised teaching spaces

Single discipline teaching labs can often be under used: typically for just 24 weeks per year. Ian Tidmarsh explains how new larger teaching labs at the University of Birmingham aim to provide more flexibility, higher utilisation and thus deliver better value for money.
Martin Farley receives Green Gown Award 2016

Embedding efficiency and sustainability in scientific research

Scientific research is vital to medicine and many other fields, but it can have negative effects on the environment. Martin Farley of King's College London says universities must adopt more efficient practices in research for the benefit of the environment - and their bottom line.
Value for money image

VFM: it’s about the value, not the money

With higher education institutions in England being required to report annually on value for money, Simon Perks argues that universities need to raise their game when talking about what they do and how well they do it.
Leaning tower of Pisa

If not lean, then what?

Lean is just one method of continuous improvement and there are a range of others that are commonly used in higher education (HE). We close our lean series with three viewpoints from HE professionals and consultants on different ways of applying lean and its alternatives.

UK universities invited to take part in Europe-wide efficiency survey

The European University Association (EUA) is seeking contributions to a survey focused on three dimensions of efficiency in universities: institutional framework, implementation practices and impact. The responses will help determine how universities understand and achieve efficiency savings whilst maintaining high levels of effectiveness. The deadline for responses is Monday 16 January 2017.

Measuring, tracking, agreeing and banking procurement benefits

Procurement teams can play an important role in releasing savings to help to reduce budgets in higher education institutions or to bank and reinvest. But Jim Reed, who has held senior procurement roles in a number of sectors, argues that there is room for improvement in how universities measure the benefits they secure.

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