Jisc infoNet updates to guidance and resources

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Recent updates to Jisc infoNet’s range of guidance and resources include change management, assessment and feedback, and data visualisation. The Jisc Digital Festival is on 11-12 March in Birmingham. Read on for selected updates from the Jisc infoNet January update.

Change management

This month (January) we have been updating our change management resource. This essential infoKit contains theory, methodologies and techniques to help manage change effectively. This update builds upon success stories from delivering transformational change within an organisation, as well as looking at effective stakeholder engagement and utilising external support during the change process.

Using technology to make a difference with assessment and feedback

Jisc has published guides to inform you and your organisation about innovative approaches to assessment and feedback:


Data visualisation

We have more data than ever available from many internal and external sources which can be overwhelming and difficult to digest….learn how to turn your data into a story.


Collecting feedback at events can be a hit and miss affair. There isn’t a perfect solution to this issue but there is a tool that we’ve found works well for instant feedback: getting feedback from every ‘body’

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Gemma Elliott is Operations Manager at Jisc infoNet