Efficiency Exchange – sharing your project work

Here are some ideas for making the best use of digital platforms for sharing your project outputs and engaging with your community.

Project blog

Maintain a project blog with posts to announce the project, engage with your community, call to action, gather data, update on progress, announce an event, promote project outputs. We can share these on Efficiency Exchange or you can write for us about your project.

Set up a Twitter account for your project

Regularly tweet about your project, especially to support your blog posts and key milestones e.g. surveys, reports, events. Use hashtags to start and structure a conversation, tag other Twitter users to engage them.

Take photographs and video clips

Take photos of the team, workshops, events etc – these will make all your communications more engaging. Use them in articles, flyers, blogs, tweets. Using your smartphone, video clips can also be a good way to quickly capture interviews and feedback.

Produce infographics and slides

These help to communicate ideas, trends or arguments, especially based on numerical data. They should be high quality and non-complex for web publication. Don’t forget to share them on social media and any blogs / websites you use.

Engage with people

It’s all very well to have digital platforms, but make sure that people know about them. If you are on social media start following people and when people follow you, follow them back. If you have a blog, encourage people to subscribe for updates. But remember that conversations are two way and be ready for any questions or feedback.

Free digital tools to help you

Once you start using social media, you will want a tool that will help you to manage your accounts and to time your posts so that you can drip feed them to your audience. HootSuite and Buffer are worth looking at for this. Storify can help you select your favourite social media updates and present them as a collection, helping you to curate content linked to an event or theme.

Keep us updated!

There are plenty of people out there who are interested in what you are doing. Efficiency Exchange would like to share your updates with these people. Writing about your project, particularly at key milestones, will provide insights into the work you are doing. We normally look for posts of no more than 800 words. Please see Efficiency Exchange for more content ideas.