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VAT exemption for cost sharing groups: new guidance from Hefce

HEFCE has published guidance on VAT exemption for cost sharing groups delivering shared services. It includes illustrative examples of cost sharing groups and alternative delivery structures.

Process improvement

Guide to improving business processes. Includes review, analysis, design, implementation and continuous process improvement. A Jisc InfoKit.

Model letter of agreement – facilities sharing

Model agreement for sharing facilities between institutions, developed jointly by Cambridge University and the Association of University Practitioners.

HE Shared Legal Information Seminar 20 March 2014

HE Shared Legal is holding a Seminar on 20 March 2014 to promote the HE Shared Legal service to prospective subscriber institutions across the UK.

HE Shared Legal invites potential subscribers to seminar

A shared legal service for the higher education sector is holding an information seminar in London on 10 March for potential subscriber institutions to learn more about its work. HE Shared Legal currently delivers services to 18 subscriber institutions, including advising on employment, contract, procurement, governance, corporate and charity law.