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Shared services to enhance the student experience – Q+A panel debate 3 July

Shared services can deliver efficiencies, value-for-money and a better quality student experience – and yet they raise a number of issues. For example, “What...

Performance for all

Performance management software service used by over 50 universities.

Portsmouth Cost Sharing Group Investigation

In April 2014 HEFCE gave an award to the University of Portsmouth to explore the feasibility of setting up a cost sharing group to deliver IT services to education providers across Portsmouth, in collaboration with Portsmouth City Council. This report, published in February 2016, sets out options for sharing resources with potential participants.

HE Shared Legal invites potential subscribers to seminar

A shared legal service for the higher education sector is holding an information seminar in London on 10 March for potential subscriber institutions to learn more about its work. HE Shared Legal currently delivers services to 18 subscriber institutions, including advising on employment, contract, procurement, governance, corporate and charity law.

Shared Data Centre Space

Shared data centre space for research and education, connected by the high speed Janet network.

Shared services in higher education: more than just about ‘plug-and-play’ cost savings

In the second of three posts, Ian Herbert and Andrew Rothwell of Loughborough University offer five more observations gleaned from 10 years of research into shared service centres in the UK and across the world. You can learn more about this area in a shared services forum they are running at the University of Northampton on 14 May.

VAT cost sharing exemption – a spur to shared services

The Government’s VAT cost-sharing exemption presents a major opportunity for the higher education sector to explore the benefits of sharing services, says Steve Butcher, Head of Procurement and Shared Services at Hefce.

New Hefce-funded project models costs and benefits of sharing services

The shared services delivery partner of Falmouth University and the University of Exeter is starting work on an exciting new project to measure, analyse and model the costs and benefits of collaboration between UK higher education institutions. Project manager Simon Perks tells us more.

Implementation of Cost-Sharing Exemption in Universities

N8 universities have been working towards utilisation of the VAT Cost-Sharing Exemption (CSE) for sharing of equipment through the development of an approved Cost Sharing Group (CSG) model. By using an existing shared asset - N8 high performance computing - as a model facility for setting up a CSG, the N8 hoped to demonstrate its value and viability.

HE Shared Legal

Subscription-based legal guidance service for UK HE institutions. Includes help desk and assistance with engaging legal advisers. Operating on a pilot basis, with HEFCE funding.