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Dropbox for Teams

Cloud-based storage service to sync teamwork across all devices. We are negotiating a special price for the research and education sector.

Sharing made easy – Jisc support for equipment sharing

From anechoic chambers to wind tunnels, mass spectrometers to supercomputers, institutions are increasingly looking to share high value items of research equipment. Martin Hamilton outlines how Jisc is working with a variety of partners to help embed and accelerate asset sharing.
Sarah Jackson

N8 Research Partnership: making it easier to share equipment

Sarah Jackson, Director of the N8 Research Partnership, published her report on efficiencies in higher education earlier this year. We thought we’d catch up with her now that she’s gone back to her day job.

Collaborative approaches to cost savings

Jisc's Martyn Harrow describes some key collaborative approaches to saving money, boosting efficiency and reducing risk in a blogpost for Universities Business.

University and council publish cost sharing group options

A HEFCE-funded study into establishing a cost sharing group (CSG) to deliver VAT-exempt IT services to Portsmouth schools has been published. The study by the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council investigates ways of sharing resources and the demand for a not-for-profit CSG.

Shared services in higher education: 5 things you might not expect to read

In the first of three posts, Ian Herbert and Andrew Rothwell of Loughborough University explain how shared services are more than just about headline cost savings, based on 10 years of research. You can learn more about this area in a shared services forum at the University of Northampton on 14 May.

Ensemble purchasing: mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Smaller institutions in London are joining forces to get bigger bang for their buck from procurement. Kat Humphries introduces Ensemble Purchasing, a new cost sharing group dedicated to procurement.

University of London shared services

The University of London is poised to build upon its reputation as a significant provider of shared services to higher education, says Chris Cobb, Chief Operating Officer of the University of London.
Andrew Rothwell

Competitive or caring? The potential for shared services in higher education

The shared services model has been a success story in both the private and public sectors. However, as Dr Andrew Rothwell and Ian Herbert of Loughborough University explore in this article, it raises a number of ideological and practical issues that have yet to be fully thought through in higher education.

CREST – Consortium for Research Excellence, Support and Training

Provides an innovative model for how to further research excellence and promote institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration.