Achieve impact with your case study

Is there a major achievement at your university that you would like to highlight? Why not create a case study to share what you and your colleagues have been doing and what outcomes have been achieved.

A case study will help to share good practice with fellow professionals and highlight key tools and techniques to deliver greater efficiency in higher education. They would usually be around 1,000 words in length and would have the following characteristics:


  • Summary – a brief description of the project
  • Background – how the project started
  • Success factors – what made the project a success
  • Savings / return on investment data – any figures that can be provided
  • Contact info – a contact name and email address to which further enquires can be directed


  • Other benefits – non quantifiable benefits
  • Learning points – some bullet points outlining lessons for others
  • Testimonials

If you have a case study that you would like to write, please contact Rosie Niven to discuss it further.

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