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University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

Why We Should Be Engaging Students As Partners In Learning And Teaching

In this blog Dr Catherine Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement from the University of Edinburgh, explores the reasons for rising interest in engaging students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education. She examines a range of different rationales and arguments used to support student-staff partnership.

Developing efficient and sustainable buildings

A sustainable building is usually an efficient one and when new build and refurbishment projects are designed with future decades in mind, they can save money in running costs, maintenance and redevelopment. With this in mind, the University of Edinburgh is developing guidance on how building and redevelopment projects should be conducted as Andrew Arnott explains.

Chasing an idealistic dream

In April 2016, Edinburgh University rolled out its new research management system, Worktribe, having jointly developed and implemented it with Heriot Watt University. Hamish Macandrew, who leads the research support office at Edinburgh, describes the efforts to create an integrated system that enables paper free working