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HESPA is a membership organisation representing planners working in higher education across the UK. We are involved in advocacy work, lobbying for planners’ voices to be heard in the design and implementation of new projects and policy. Through this work and by providing information, training and resource on a number of topic-led work areas, HESPA supports planners no matter where they are in their career and offers them a communications platform for joined-up thinking

Show me the numbers – making data analytics work for you

Data analytics are becoming more accessible for higher education institutions. Giles Carden, an advisor and co-designer at HESPA, offers some tips about how to make the best use of them.

Business intelligence and benchmarking can help universities make better decisions

We heard from Chris Hale of Universities UK about how universities use benchmarking to understand their management data. As a follow-up, the Efficiency Exchange asks Dr Giles Carden, Director of Strategic Planning & Analytics at the University of Warwick, for his views.