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Higher education offers many opportunities for students which can create more value in their university experience. Benjamin Stone, university business entrepreneurship student and founder of Student Coin, took advantage of one of his projects and created the Student Coin. In this blog, Ben shares their Blockchain journey so far.

Student Coin is a blockchain-based currency designed to empower students and give them a voice. Student Coin would be in use for every purchase a student makes and would allow students to take the steps towards a better life during, and after university. The heart of Student Coin is “for students, by students”.

The main idea for Student Coin came about in a social media workshop at university. We then worked on refining the idea of Student Coin and presented it to our lecturers. After the presentation, our lecturer Professor Olinga Ta’eed contacted me and wanted me to present Student Coin at a blockchain event. This allowed me to further develop the idea and to refine it to what I wanted to achieve.

The idea for Student Coin came about at the end of my first year of university. In my second year, I participated in the Seratio® Initial Coin Offering (ICO); this allowed me to gain inside knowledge in this area of business.

Since then I have worked with members of ‘The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance’ (CCEG) on creating the Student Coin website which contains key information, details about the team and our Student Coin blog.

Along with one of my directors, I have co-founded a new site called Student Blockchain Hub, which allows students to learn about the area of blockchain in relation to students, university and latest industry trends. I am also setting up a YouTube channel called Student Coin, which will cover all areas of our business, as well as interviewing key people in the blockchain world, and to act as a platform for distributing information. I have been expanding the team, looking for new, innovative members who are highly motivated to create real change. The Student Coin family is now eight people strong and growing rapidly.

Student Coin brings many benefits to students; the platform is very flexible to what it can be applied to. The main benefits are empowerment, financial stability and growth, as well as expanding the reach and impact of a student activities. Student Coin will be there to give students voice by uniting groups of students around the country. As one united group and voice, we could become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The features of Student Coin will be ever evolving. We are working on the development of our mobile application which will allow students to use this on the go, without the need to constantly check for the latest offers. There will be the ability to network with other students, build smart investment portfolios, build financial profiles, take out micro-loans, as well as make use of a discount centre.

The Student Coin platform is the link between the world of students, the world of business and the world of possibilities. Student Coin is a catalyst for change.

As a scattered group, students have no power to influence the government. As one united group, students can create incredible change. Student Coin will be that platform to allow students to unite as one group and make the rest of the world listen. Whilst we do this, we also ensure that a student’s time at university is not consumed by financial worries and concerns about how to pay the next bill.

If you would like to learn more about student coin and their vision, you can read their white paper here:

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Ben Stone
Business entrepreneurship student and founder of Student Coin