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Ben Stone

Ben Stone

Role: Business entrepreneurship student and founder of Student Coin

Ben is currently a business entrepreneurship student and founder of Student Coin. He has always had an interest in new developing technologies and believes that the application of these can massively improve the student experience.

The modern day student and the ever changing university life

Earlier this year Ben Stone, university student, introduced the Student Coin, sharing his experience as a university student, demonstrating that there are opportunities outside of a course that could assist career progression and personal achievements. In this blog Ben explains where the business is now, shares their app teaser and introduces their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Student Coin – Creating value for students

Higher education offers many opportunities for students which can create more value in their university experience. Benjamin Stone, university business entrepreneurship student and founder of Student Coin, took advantage of one of his projects and created the Student Coin. In this blog, Ben shares their Blockchain journey so far.