Transnational Education: opportunities to engage, share and learn – conference 22 October 2013


UCAS, Universities UK and the UK HE International Unit are offering a one-day conference on 22 October 2013 to share best practice and examine ways in which shared services can help institutions achieve their Transnational Education (TNE) goals, whilst debating the future shape of UK TNE.

TNE has grown significantly over the past few years, becoming an established part of UK institutions’ internationalisation and recruitment strategies. With around 5,000 TNE courses offered by UK institutions and an estimate that TNE will become the largest mode of international education by 2020, there has still been little debate about a shared approach to promoting UK TNE, or the development of shared services for the sector.

One-day conference on 22 October 2013 at Woburn House, London

The event will bring TNE to the forefront of institutions’ minds, and ensure it is no longer a peripheral activity. Features include:

  • Establishing best practice modes of TNE using case studies.
  • Debating and discussing the future of UK TNE in a competitive global market.
  • Participating in thought leadership workshops and panel discussions.
  • Identifying shared services to promote UK TNE to UK and international students.
  • Marketing TNE courses – case studies of success.
  • Networking opportunities to share knowledge.

Senior speakers from UCAS and the UK Higher Education International Unit will be joined by:

  • Dr Rahul Choudada, Director of Research and Advisory Services, World Education Services
  • Glynne Stanfield, Partner, Eversheds LLP
  • John Fielden, CHEMS Consulting; author of A Guide to Offshore Staffing Strategies for UK Universities and A Guide to the Financial Aspects of UK HEI Offshore Activities
  • Professor Michael Hoey, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Internationalisation, University of Liverpool
  • Michael Peak, Research Manager, British Council

Cost to attend:

£165 + VAT for bookings made before 1 September 2013
£195 + VAT for all bookings received from 2 September 2013

For more information and booking, visit the UCAS website