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Daniela Duca

Daniela Duca

With: Jisc

Role: Senior Co-designer

Daniela joined the research team at Jisc in 2014, where she works on research data management projects and develops business cases for new Jisc services. Daniela is a visual artist, with extensive experience in financial technology and a PhD in innovation management within the private sector.

Contact: Daniela Duca

ethernet cables

Five research equipment booking systems reviewed

Last year Jisc began looking for the best way to show use and sharing of research equipment across the UK. The search uncovered a number of web apps and systems that already collect data on usage, and drive efficiencies in this area. They're primarily used by researchers, principal investigators and lab technicians across a number of institutions. Daniela Duca has been looking at five of them in more detail.
Lab condenser

Sharing research equipment: how can we do it better?

Last year staff from Jisc set out to better understand institutional and researchers' needs around sharing research equipment. Senior co-designer Daniela Duca reveals the team's findings.