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James Adams

James Adams

Role: Founder and Director of CATS

James is the founder of CATS and two other charities, Number 11 which aims to provide sustainable and holistic support to vulnerable individuals, and Pregnancy Twinning, which supports mothers in Malawi. He is currently a final year medical student based in Manchester, and now also supports others in setting up and developing their own charitable projects.

CATS: The inspiring journey of a young man’s triumph over adversity

Earlier this year Efficiency Exchange published a blog by Ellie Dunstone, a student at the University of Cambridge who is involved with the CATS student society there. In this blog, James Adams, the founder of CATS, shares his personal journey of how CATS developed. Like we saw with Ben Stone, founder of Student Coin, James saw an opportunity to create more value in his university life, not just for him, but others too. CATS benefits students physically through raising awareness of signs and symptoms or cancer aswell as providing valuable skills that can enhance the employability of their volunteers.