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Jennifer Gane

Jennifer Gane

With: Northumbria University

Role: Degree Apprentice

Jennifer started working as a trainee software developer at STCS Ltd in 2015 and is currently in the second year of a Digital Technology Solutions higher apprenticeship degree. She has at various times been a Latin teacher, PhD student, supermarket colleague and assistant manager of a soft-play centre.

Contact: Jennifer

Jennifer Gane and John Wiseman

Eureka! Classicist finds solution in degree apprenticeship

Some graduates find themselves unsuited to the fast-changing world of employment despite impeccable qualifications. Degree apprenticeships can be a good way to provide the skills needed in the workforce. Classics graduate Jennifer Gane found that by landing a degree apprenticeship in digital technology solutions she was able to link a dead language, to one that's very much alive - and find a job.