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Laura Waller

Laura Waller

With: University of Warwick

Role: Library Disability Support Officer

Laura is the Library Disability Support Officer at the University of Warwick, a post that was developed in September 2016 as a response to the Government’s changes to the Disabled Students Allowance.

The role involves developing the Library’s physical environments, technologies, and virtual/online provision for disabled students, creating a positive and supportive learning environment and student experience.

Laura provides advice and support relating to all Library services and spaces to students with disabilities, and also works with Library staff to promote best practice in the provision of inclusive services, developing staff training and focused awareness raising events.

The Sensory Study Room at the University of Warwick

Supporting our students’ mental health and wellbeing requires both a wider strategic approach and attention to the needs of individual students. Laura Waller shares with us how the Sensory Study Room in the Library at the University of Warwick has managed to create a dedicated and accessible study space.