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Luc Harvey

Luc Harvey

Role: Costume designer and illustrator

Luc Harvey (BA Hons), is a transgender nonbinary costume designer and illustrator from Bedfordshire. Educated at the Arts University Bournemouth between 2015 and 2018, now working with multiple people on a few projects.

Instagram: sstarstuff / sstarstuffillustrations

Nonbinary transgender issues at university – A student experience

How easy do you find university? Are you living a different life at university than you do when you visit home, because you don't feel your family will understand who you are? Many people feel they can't be truly honest with their families, out of fear they won't be accepted due to societal norms and ignorance. Members of the LGBT+ community may often be in this position, living a lie to those they love through fear of being rejected by friends and family. In this blog, Luc shares their university experience as a nonbinary transgender student.