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Martin Hamilton

Martin Hamilton

With: Jisc

Role: Futurist

Martin works for research and education charity Jisc in London as their resident futurist, generating and channelling new ideas and technologies, and building partnerships to help bring them to fruition. Prior to joining Jisc in 2014 Martin was an IT manager and an Internet researcher, and ran a supercomputer centre.

Contact: Martin

From Brain Surgery to Brexit – The Potential of Blockchain in Higher Education?

In the second blog of our series on the Blockchain, Martin Hamilton provides us with examples of applications and current UK and EU policies which raise further the need to reflect on how Blockchain can be used to ensure value for money but also enhances value for our students.

Sharing made easy – Jisc support for equipment sharing

From anechoic chambers to wind tunnels, mass spectrometers to supercomputers, institutions are increasingly looking to share high value items of research equipment. Martin Hamilton outlines how Jisc is working with a variety of partners to help embed and accelerate asset sharing.