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Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

Role: Managing Director and Founder of Hunterlodge Advertising

Rob has always been thrilled by advertising and was lucky enough to join a local design and print company at the age of 16 (having decided a move to Cumbria with his family was not one of his career goals). At 19, he was poached by their largest client, Blitz, a then subsidiary of Holmes and Marchant. After spending two years there, Rob felt he could deliver a much more effective marketing and advertising service and founded Hunterlodge Advertising in 1987.

Rob has significantly grown the company over the years and is rated as platinum by the IPA sharing the enviable position with only 11 other agencies across the UK. He sits as Co-Chair on the IPA’s Professional Development Group leading the industry in helping set and achieve its new vision – to turn advertising into a profession over the next ten years.

Rob’s obsession for effectiveness has kept him on track to make Hunterlodge the most effective agency in the UK by 2016.  This has been possible by ensuring all his team share his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, ensuring even his most knowledgeable and highly skilled people are pushed to unique levels of excellence. The company has a simple purpose – to make effective advertising accessible to all clients.


Rob Hunter is Managing Director and Founder of Hunterlodge Advertising. In this piece he draws our attention to the changing landscape of personal data management and the need for the HE sector as a whole to prepare for effective compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).