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Simpler processes to support students studying abroad

When the University of Sheffield's Global Opportunities and Engagement team realised that their various admin systems had become too cumbersome, they called for help. Rachel McAssey explains how her team of lean practitioners carried out a process review that has produced many benefits including significant time savings.

A technician shaped hole in higher education

The failure to value technician's role in universities is leading to poor decision making and often expensive investment mistakes, warns Terry Croft. In this blogpost, he highlights what the University of Sheffield is doing to improve the situation by delivering the national HEFCE Catalyst project.

How to create a lean team

Institutions implementing a lean strategy need to think carefully about who will support it. The University of Sheffield’s Rachel McAssey explains some of the elements that make up a successful lean team.

Don’t wait for Godot, start fixing things now

Inspired by the absurdist Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot, the University of Sheffield's Rachel McAssey issues a call to arms in her blog; instead of waiting for big change to happen, get some problem solving skills and start making small improvements.

Process improvement events – why they are worth the effort

Process improvements are "the most effective way of achieving a strong project team with collective responsibility for improvement activities," says Rachel McAssey. In this blogpost, the University of Sheffield's head of process improvement explains how project teams can benefit from these events and shares advice on running them.

How lean is making a counselling service work better for students

The Process Improvement Unit at the University of Sheffield was established in June 2012 to help the university improve its business processes. Rachel McAssey describes one of the unit’s big success, which is having a real impact on the student experience - and winning awards.