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Leadership Foundation

Leadership Foundation

The Leadership Foundation is a membership organisation that delivers leadership development and consultancy advice to higher education institutions in the UK and around the world.

Our strategy, Catalysing Change, focuses on uniting research and practice, identifying ‘what works’ and pathways to impact. It outlines practical resources to support leadership, governor and management development through our work, and learning for the wider higher education community.

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Efficiency in a student focused world

With universities coming under growing pressure to justify how they use their resources, efficiency is back in the spotlight. But, as Simon Perks explains, the focus will increasingly be on how well institutions meet the needs of their students, while accommodating growing cost pressures.

Leadership Foundation launches guide to efficiency for governors

Getting to Grips with Efficiency explores the concept of efficiency and the efficiency agenda within the higher education sector. As part of the Leadership Foundation's guide for governors series, it seeks to provide governors with the information to help guide their institutions to greater efficiency and to plan for new reporting requirements that may push them to go even further (log-in required to download publication).
Turbulence, growth and wicked issues

The future for higher education: turbulence, growth and wicked issues

Turbulent waters lie ahead for the sector thanks to a storm of change. Andy Shenstone looks at the key challenges higher education leaders face this year, and offers some advice for executive teams looking to steer a calmer course.

Helping you get to grips with the efficiency agenda

The Leadership Foundation is preparing a guide to help university governors get a better understanding of the efficiency agenda and of the responsibilities that it places on them. Author Simon Perks is keen to hear your views.

Balancing the needs of managers and planners in a performance planning framework

When the University of Lincoln considered their current performance management processes through the eyes of their academic managers, it provided valuable insights. Liz Lacey explains how blending two different approaches helped to inform a review of the way performance planning is carried out by academic leads.

Universities seek workforce’s views on leading change

Two universities are exploring the views of the higher education workforce on how they can work together to lead and cope with change. As part of a £10,000 Leadership Foundation-funded project, The University of Northampton, along with Keele University, are calling on the sector's workforce to complete a survey on the impact of change and leadership.

Is the diversity of terminology used by HE change practitioners diluting our shared goals?

A sector-wide survey was launched in April by the University of Strathclyde's Business Improvement Team to capture feedback on how its Guide to Evidencing the Benefits of Business Process Improvement in Higher Education has enhanced their delivery of change initiatives and how the guide could be improved. Nicola Cairns shares her insight into some of the survey findings.

LFHE unveils Innovation and Transformation Fund grant winners

The universities of Edinburgh Napier, Northampton and Strathclyde have been selected by the Leadership Foundation to take part in the 2016 Innovation and Transformation Fund (ITF) round. Each ITF project is worth up to £8,000 and will fund initiatives that unlock and share good practice across the sector.

Evidencing the benefits of business process improvement – what do you think?

Following the success of its guide to evidencing the benefits of business process improvement projects in higher education, the University of Strathclyde wants to develop the guide to make it even better. In this blogpost, Dr Nicola Cairns introduces a survey that will help to make the guide a valuable tool for use across the sector.

Schools Planning Framework for Academic Leaders

The Schools Planning Framework project funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, seeks to explore the development of a practical application of a performance management tool, aimed at academic units. The report sets out the findings of the project as a case study based at the University of Lincoln.