Sharing procurement services at Roehampton and Surrey


Have you ever thought about setting up a simple shared service with another local institution but been put off by the entry requirements? Much of the advice relating to shared services focuses on larger, more complex models such as managing combined volume transactions.

However this advice may not be wholly relevant where your need is small-scale and where, for example, the burden of establishing a cost-sharing group is disproportionate to the benefits of sharing scarce resources in a professional support area.

As an example of how it can be done, the Universities of Surrey and Roehampton have been successfully sharing senior procurement resources for a number of years in pursuit of maximising efficiencies and minimising duplication. Follow the link to find a summary of the issues and benefits experienced by both parties.

In the current climate of maximising efficiencies in support operations, this type of shared service could provide an “entry-level” example for those who wish to dip a toe into the shared services water. If you would like to discuss this model further or provide comments, please contact

Robin Hunt is Director of Procurement at the University of Surrey