Efficiency Exchange on the Guardian higher education network: launches today


A new hub for university managers and administrators launches today on the Guardian higher education network – in partnership with the Efficiency Exchange.

Ian Diamond: There is a better way of doing things

Two years on from his efficiency review, Professor Sir Ian Diamond says that UK universities are working well but still need to share more services – and success stories.

The new hub also carries stories from the Efficiency Exchange. Sarah Jackson of the N8 Research Partnership talks about sharing equipment and VAT exemption, James Lacey explains why ‘one version of the truth’ is a better model for management information, David Duncan talks about valuing managers and administrators, and Mark Pegg says that efficiency is about more than saving money, it’s about embracing innovation.

About the new hub

The new hub will bring together the latest thinking, success stories and good practice, as well as news and comment from a range of professional perspectives. Within this section, an Efficiency Exchange zone will promote the modernising and smart working practices of universities as they become more efficient and thereby help to create a stronger sector.

Our goal is twofold: to help professionals discover and share ideas and resources via the Efficiency Exchange and its partners, and to tell higher education’s ‘efficiency story’ for the benefit of readers within and beyond the sector.

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Call for content

All institutions are invited to participate in this unrivalled opportunity for showcasing and network building. We are interested in content from all parts of your university, for example estates, IT, administration, finance, libraries, procurement, student services, research – you name it. We are particularly keen to see examples of how smarter ways of doing things has enhanced the student experience and has helped to build a smarter, stronger university.

We seek content in these formats:

  • Showcases – Generate blog articles to showcase your new work to achieve efficiencies. These are ideal for providing a quick and accessible introduction to an initiative or achievement — and if they promote a forthcoming event or link to a case study or resource, so much the better.
  • Top tips: “Six ways to be more efficient…” – Suggest ideas and help us compile a new series offering a range of top tips “Six ways to..”. e.g. streamline processes/optimise estates utilisation/share research equipment/implement smart procurement practices etc.”
  • Ten minutes with… – Nominate a colleague to be the subject of an informal “Ten minutes with…” interview. These will be part of a series featuring professionals in a wide range of functions. They are ideal platforms for talking about new work and sharing with communities.
  • Commentary and calls to action – Identify and encourage thought leaders in your university who want to blog about new thinking, commentary or calls to action. We can support them in publishing online.

To get involved, contact Ian Powling ian.powling@universitiesuk.ac.uk.

Visit: Guardian higher education network: management and administration