University finance: how should we judge value for money? Guardian live chat 7 February


How should universities deliver value for money and maintain their values? Read the comments on our live chat session held on the Guardian Higher Education Network on 7 February.

As universities strive to enhance the student experience, invest in the future, and deliver world-class services, they face mounting pressure on resources due to the challenges of competition, uncertainty and austerity. As they look to new business models for sourcing and delivering services, how should they meet the challenges that accompany change?

One answer was given by Jane Wills, Professor of Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London, when she spoke at UUK’s Strategic Sourcing conference last Tuesday about how her institution brought its cleaning service back in-house and is paying its support workers the London living wage. In response, Kerry Hallard, CEO of The National Outsourcing Association, says that “…the higher education sector needs an injection of private sector best practice”. Read her post.

Read the comments on our live chat on 7 February 2014.

(Updated on 10 February 2014)