Equipment sharing: how to make an impact (and evidence it)

Dr Hamish McAlpine from the University of Bath and Dr Steve Trowell from the University of Exeter talk about the simple steps we can take to become more efficient in how we support equipment through its life.

These steps are also very amenable to measurement, offering the opportunity to benchmark and improve over time. 

These opportunities include:

  • Simple interventions in estates management. For example, better knowledge of what equipment exists (and is being purchased) can lead to more efficient provision of utilities in buildings.
  • Procurement efficiencies through contractual alignment both planning and renewal of contracts can present opportunities to explore economies of scale. In particular, the use of third party service providers and/or contracting such services across a consortia like the GW4 could deliver substantial reductions in costs, as well as other benefits such as identification of under-utilised equipment.

See the Equipment sharing: how to make an impact (and evidence it) slides.

This presentation was originally made at the ARMA 2014 Conference. More on asset sharing in higher education.