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Cristina Devecchi

Cristina Devecchi

Role: Editor In Chief at Efficiency Exchange - Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

EDITORIAL. Never Alone: Universities’ key role in supporting students’ wellbeing and mental health

Among the many issues universities are currently concerned about, students’ mental health and wellbeing have become a core concern. According to a YouGov’s survey (2016) a quarter of our students suffer mainly of depression and anxiety, or, mostly, both combined. The need to perform, financial worries, and being in a different and new social environment can all contribute to making students feel overwhelmed at times. The IPPR study Not by Degrees (Thorley, 2017), however, paints an even more disturbing picture.

Reclaiming efficiency as value co-creation: Blockchain for an inclusive university landscape

Times of change require new ways to think, but also new ways to capture what we do and its impact. In this blog, our Editor-in-Chief sets the scene for a series of blogs focused on the use of Blockchain as an innovative tool to answer some of the challenges universities face in showing they are ‘value for money’ and ‘value for students’.