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Ian Herbert

Ian Herbert

With: Loughborough University

Role: Deputy Director of the Global Sourcing Research Interest Group at Loughborough University.

Ian joined Loughborough University in 2001, after holding a wide range of accounting and general management roles in both the private and public sectors. His extensive commercial experience now informs his teaching, research and consultancy.

Ian is a regular contributor to international conferences and has published over 80 academic and practitioner articles.

His chief research interest is the transformation of the professional functions such as finance, HR, procurement and IT through new organisational forms.

He has fond memories of a number of outdoor hobbies.

Graduate prospects in a ‘lights-out’ future? The ‘Earn to Learn’ Scheme

How to prepare students for the job market is becoming an essential part of how universities can prove they are value for money and value for our students. Yet, the job market is uncertain and fast changing. Ian Herbert shares with us how the ‘Earn to Learn’ (EtoL) scheme is enabling the University of Loughborough to provide students with work experience by collaborating with organisations and policy makers.

Are we really competing? Should we be collaborating?

Following their presentation last week to the Embracing Efficiencies and Shared Services in Higher Education event, Andrew Rothwell and Ian Herbert of Loughborough University's Centre for Global Sourcing and Services outline their prediction for a range of new public-private partnerships with shared services centres taking a key role.