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Ian Powling

Ian Powling

Role: Senior Education Advisor CCEG

Ian helps organisations and institutions in education to mobilise professional knowledge and innovation using digital technologies. In the higher education sector, he has delivered initiatives to promote collaboration between universities and business and conducted research on the discovery of institutional expertise. He developed the Efficiency Exchange service which shares good practice to advance efficiency and value for money and has been an advocate for innovation in the use of data and analytics. Ian has a background in publishing and the creative arts.

Procurement revisited – selected case studies from higher education

The second phase of efficiency work in higher education led by Professor Sir Ian Diamond and coordinated by Universities UK is well under way and a report will be published next February. Watch this space for a forthcoming series of articles to highlight this work which we will be publishing over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we thought it would be interesting to re-share some of the best examples of good practice we've found - for those of you who might have missed them first time around. Today: a selection of case studies on procurement.
University mortar boards in the air

Five new ways that universities are seeking value for money

Universities are continuing to seek value for money by finding smarter ways of doing things. The savings made enable universities to invest in modernisation and build a resilient higher education sector. The reasons for doing so are more compelling than ever, and are being articulated from a range of perspectives.

Smarter procurement in universities: five steps to improvement

The 2011 Diamond Review set a challenging agenda for procurement in higher education. So what's happened since then? Quite a lot actually. Here are five important steps the higher sector sector has taken to achieve smarter procurement in universities.
Ian Powling

“I’m too busy to think about efficiency!”

Have you ever thought: 'I know there are smarter ways of working but I just don't have time to step back and think about them.' Or 'If only I could find case studies to build my business case for change.' Or even 'I can't keep up with all the change going on in the way that universities are run, even though I know I should.' I know you're busy, but let's take these three scenarios in turn...