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Jean Mutton

Jean Mutton

Role: Consultant

In 2015 Jean set up the company Go Process Design where she works with organisations to enhance the student journey using human-centred design tools and techniques. Jean has more than 30 years’ experience in HE management, latterly as the student experience project manager at the University of Derby.

Contact: Jean

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Developing student and staff personas: a practical guide

If you want to be sure you're meeting the demands of your stakeholders as they use your services, creating personas to identify their needs will help sharpen your focus. As consultant Jean Mutton explains, it's a technique that's becoming more widely used and it needn't be a difficult process.
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Value for money: what price the future?

As universities grapple with the problem of understanding what "value for money" means, as well as how to show it, Jean Mutton reflects on a recent debate on the topic in Manchester which threw up a surprising outcome.

Service design – a people-centric approach to continuous improvement

One alternative to lean that some universities are exploring is service design. Based on traditional design techniques it can be used to solve problems by understanding the user experience, as consultant Jean Mutton explains.

Students as change agents

Meeting students’ expectations is becoming more important for universities. Clare Foyle and Jean Mutton explore what institutions are doing to engage students in influencing change projects in learning, teaching and professional services.

Finding ‘pain points’ in the student journey

Like all service users, students have their stories of where their experience could have been improved. Jean Mutton presents some of the findings from a Jisc study seeking to identify these 'pain points'.
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Using service design techniques to map the student journey

Some universities are attempting to map the student journey in order to better understand the student experience. In this blogpost consultant Jean Mutton explains how service design techniques can help to develop a deeper understanding about what is driving students.
Jean Mutton

Service design for universities

Sometimes solutions are under our noses - you just need the right approach to unlock them. In this post, consultant Jean Mutton explains service design, which she says is for anyone who often thinks "there must be a better way".