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Maryam Taghiyeva

Maryam Taghiyeva

Role: Chief Systems Architect at the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance

Maryamkhanim (Maryam) Taghiyeva is Chief Systems Architect at the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance. Taghiyeva received Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Baku State University and Master’s degree in International Relations from University of Warwick. Taghiyeva is an author & co-author of several academic papers on the blockchain technology and two patents in banking. Her main area of expertise is social innovation & interdisciplinarity. She has participated and spoken in a number of international and national events, such as the World Blockchain Summit. Taghiyeva has worked with different governmental institutions, UN, European Commission’s tech & youth initiatives (e.g. FIWARE) and NATO.

Blockchain Meets Higher Education: How Blockchain can help assess social impact and value for...

2018 will mark the 10-year anniversary since the blockchain technology was created. Despite its young age and rather slow technology adoption speed, its evolution has taken a new lease of life recently. Ten years on there is no lack of conferences, from Mumbai to Moscow, from Dubai to New York researchers, developers, academics and just enthusiasts are carried away by the potential of the technology. But what can Blockchain do for Higher Education? Maryam Taghiyeva explains.