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Stephen Yorkstone

Stephen Yorkstone

With: Edinburgh Napier University

Role: Senior Consultant

Steve enables continuous improvement in Edinburgh Napier University. He chairs Lean HE, the international organisation for continuous improvement in universities. He’s on the editorial board of the Operational Excellence Magazine, The LMJ. He co-designed the acclaimed Lean “St Andrews Model”, and authored “Lean Universities” in Routledge’s Companion to Lean Management.

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A & BL (academic and Business Liaison) Team. Steve Yorkstone - Senior Consultant

How lean relates to other process improvement methods

While it originated in Japan’s car industry, lean has proved to be applicable to many different types of organisations. Edinburgh Napier’s Steve Yorkstone explains how lean is just one method of continuous improvement and the difference to alternatives are becoming less apparent.
Steve Yorkstone, Edinburgh Napier

What lean could mean for you

Do you develop a cold sweat whenever you hear the term “lean”? Our series of blogposts about lean methodology aims to change all, that starting with an introduction to the philosophy of lean by Edinburgh Napier’s Steve Yorkstone.
A cartoon case study of Edinburgh Napier's exam logistics project

First class results delivered in exam logistics process improvement project

When Edinburgh Napier trialled streamlining the logistics around the production of exam papers they expected the changes would save some time for staff. But the benefits produced went further than that as Louise McElhone and Steve Yorkstone explain.