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Vegan Committee

Vegan Committee

With: University of Stirling

Role: Univeristy of Stirling students

Rebecca Burns

Final year Psychology student at the University of Stirling, studied abroad in North Carolina, and from Newcastle. I am a vegan, feminist, environmentalist and animal-rights activist. I am the President of the Vegan and Vegetarian Society at Stirling and strive to bring about social change.

Colin Chapman

I am a vegan third year Politics student from Edinburgh. I am currently sharing the role of Vice President of the Vegan and Vegetarian Society due to studying abroad last semester in the USA. Co-founder of the Stirling University Vegan and Vegetarian Society.


Vegan and Vegetarian Society at the University of Stirling

As part of our Student experience series we hear from students who have recognised a need for support and changes to be made within their campus. Students at Stirling University set up the Vegan and Vegetarian society to broaden the food choices in their canteen . University can be more than the course.