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King's College London

King's College London

Six approaches to widening participation

A series of blogs by HEPI, explore widening participation and the more radical techniques universities are using to make progress. Here are six examples taken from them of what universities in the UK and USA are doing to improve fair access to their courses.
Martin Farley receives Green Gown Award 2016

Embedding efficiency and sustainability in scientific research

Scientific research is vital to medicine and many other fields, but it can have negative effects on the environment. Martin Farley of King's College London says universities must adopt more efficient practices in research for the benefit of the environment - and their bottom line.
Martin Marley in laboratory

Martin Farley: ‘my work should never harm the science, but rather aims to improve...

Straddling the disciplines of facilities management and scientific research support, the sustainable labs co-ordinator is an emerging role in universities. Rosie Niven meets Martin Farley, who became the first such appointment in the UK when he was hired by the University of Edinburgh and has since moved to King’s College London to take on a similar role.