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Identifying opportunities to deliver value from university estates

As the funding environment for universities gets tougher, managing estates in a way that is both efficient and can contribute an income will be vital. At an event this week, Loughborough University’s Andrew Burgess will explore some of the strategies to identify commercial opportunities higher education estates can provide.

Putting together a change team at Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s THELMA-award winning change team aims to ‘walk in the shoes of the customer’ and identify where business processes can be improved. Project leader Dr Anne Mumford explains how the team’s approach has delivered more efficient services in a way that empowers staff.
Andrew Rothwell

Will we recognise the university of the future?

Following yesterday's article looking at the future role of shared services in higher education, Andrew Rothwell and Ian Herbert of Loughborough Universities’ Centre for Global Sourcing and Services highlight how digital relationships and offshoring will transform universities - and possibly secure their survival.

Are we really competing? Should we be collaborating?

Following their presentation last week to the Embracing Efficiencies and Shared Services in Higher Education event, Andrew Rothwell and Ian Herbert of Loughborough University's Centre for Global Sourcing and Services outline their prediction for a range of new public-private partnerships with shared services centres taking a key role.
Richard Taylor chief operating officer at the University of Loughborough

Shared services, student satisfaction and lost kings

From the discovery of Richard III's remains to launching a national sports medicine centre, Loughborough University chief operating officer Richard Taylor tells Rosie Niven about his career highlights and the importance of fixing ‘failure demand’ to improve efficiency.

Kit-Catalogue – making sharing easier

Kit-Catalogue is a online database that can help universities to keep track of equipment, internal and external technology gaps and also to identify equipment sharing opportunities. Developed by Loughborough University and funded by Jisc, promotes better use of assets within and between institutions and makes them available for public and commercial application.