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AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation, is a professional membership association for leaders of Student Services in UK higher education. AMOSSHE informs and supports these leaders, and represents, advocates for and promotes the student experience worldwide.

Our members’ work supports students in fulfilling their academic potential and making the most of university life. Through a commitment to peer support and sharing of practice our members contribute to the development of student services’ professional practice in higher education.

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Overall view of the Mission Control Center (MCC), Houston, Texas, during the Gemini 5 flight. Note the screen at the front of the MCC which is used to track the progress of the Gemini spacecraft.

What happens when the dial turns red?

When the data shows that a student is struggling, how should universities respond? Brian Hipkin issues a plea to academics and their professional services colleagues to work together more to understand the student lifestyle from the student's perspective.

The rise of the new academic advisor

Could the advent of the TEF see the emergence of a new breed of data-empowered academic advisors? Student experience consultant Brian Hipkin says the growth in student-generated ‘teaching excellence’ metrics could herald the introduction of this role.
20th AMOSSHE logo

AMOSSHE is 20: research and tools for student services

AMOSSHE, the Student Services Organisation, marked its twentieth anniversary in 2012/13 by funding five projects that take the pulse of the current student services...
Brave New World - AMOSSHE Conference 2014

It’s a Brave New World for student services

The higher education landscape in the UK has changed so rapidly in recent years that Student Services professionals feel like they’re exploring a brave new world, full of challenges and opportunities. So AMOSSHE, the Student Services Organisation, has chosen 'Brave New World' as the theme for its 2014 conference which takes place in Manchester 16-18 July.

Value and Impact Toolkit

This project aims to develop a holistic approach to understanding and evaluating the value and impact of services that support students. Outputs can be used to assess the value and impact of the student services that universities offer.