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Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University

Smart training will help avoid data protection fines

To help Scotland's universities avoid stiff fines for breaching data protection laws, free online training modules have been updated to meet new rules. Diana Watt from Edinburgh Napier University explains why it's efficient and will help reduce duplication of effort.
Steve Yorkstone, Edinburgh Napier

What lean could mean for you

Do you develop a cold sweat whenever you hear the term “lean”? Our series of blogposts about lean methodology aims to change all, that starting with an introduction to the philosophy of lean by Edinburgh Napier’s Steve Yorkstone.

Share your views on process improvement capability in higher education

Two authors collaborating on a Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) guide to Establishing Process Improvement Capability in Higher Education have launched a survey to gather data for the project. Rachel McAssey and Steve Yorkstone, who are producing the guide as part of the UCISA Project and Change Management Group's work, are inviting colleagues to take part and will be seeking more contributions later in the project.
A cartoon case study of Edinburgh Napier's exam logistics project

First class results delivered in exam logistics process improvement project

When Edinburgh Napier trialled streamlining the logistics around the production of exam papers they expected the changes would save some time for staff. But the benefits produced went further than that as Louise McElhone and Steve Yorkstone explain.

Big change vs small change

Examinations at Edinburgh Napier used to be a complicated process. This cartoon case study on redesigning the university's examination process shows how a series of small changes saved time for students and staff while improving security.

Gerry Webber: ‘under the veneer of conservatism, universities are constantly reinventing themselves’

Edinburgh Napier University’s secretary tells Rosie Niven about how Lego is providing an inspiration for delivering services to students and reveals his dislike of forms.
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Universities urged to embrace the opportunities offered by the efficiency agenda

The higher education sector has to embrace the efficiency agenda more vigorously now than it ever has before, says Gerry Webber, secretary at Edinburgh Napier University. By doing this they can convince politicians, civil servants and the media that universities are not just successful organisations, but economically savvy and financially responsible too, he writes on the AHUA blog