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University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Measuring equipment utilisation – could impact be the answer?

While there is much interest in promoting the sharing of equipment and measuring its usage, this raises the spectre of yet more data collection. But what if we made more use of universities’ investments in impact reporting – would that help? asks Adrian Cox.

Full house for data experts at the University of Southampton

Universities around the world are providing their students with open data to enable students to extend the digital ecosystem with their own software. In the UK, the most well known is the University of Southampton and this write-up of a visit from UCL's TechSoc nicely describes project leaders' bingo-inspired solution to overcome resistance to opening up data

The everyday benefits of open data for students

On Tuesday, universities and developers will be brought together for an open data mashup day, hosted by Universities UK, working in partnership with the Open Data Institute and Jisc. The University of Southampton’s Chris Gutteridge, who opens the event, sets out his vision for a future where organisations will routinely publish their open data.
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Efficient sharing of university data is closer than you think

Open data is enabling higher education institutions to discover and make the most of opportunities to collaborate, share equipment and expertise. Adrian Cox, project manager at, writes about how how this kind of collaboration is helping to achieve efficiencies.
Adrian Cox

Using to make research equipment more discoverable

Adrian Cox, based at the University of Southampton, is project manager for, an EPSRC funded project in response to the need to improve visibility and utilisation of UK higher education research equipment. We sat down for a ten minute chat with Adrian to find out exactly what is all about and how it’s creating opportunities for efficiencies among institutions UK wide.