Estate management and efficiencies in higher education

We continue this week’s series in which we re-share selected posts on how universities are advancing efficiency and effectiveness. Today we highlight estate management.

Report reveals more efficient use of higher education estates

Universities are becoming more efficient at using their estates, having achieved a reduction in space and property costs, a report by AUDE on the sector’s 26 million m2 property portfolio reveals.

Efficient estate management: five lessons from local authorities in the west Midlands

Since early 2010 local authorities in the West Midlands have taken steps to save more than £170 million using their property portfolio more efficiently. Here are five measures that these councils are taking to make sure that their estates are being used efficiently.

The impact of cuts on capital investment

Faced with 85% cuts to teaching and capital funding, universities generally have two options if they wish to improve their campuses: borrow or save. The University of Hertfordshire, like many other institutions, chose to save.