Three posts about open data and efficiency

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With open data the focus of an event organised by Universities UK on 18 November, we look back at Efficiency Exchange’s previous coverage of this area. Here are three posts focusing on the use of open data in Higher Education.

Jisc secures networks to enable safe sharing of medical research data

Jisc is enabling researchers across the UK to safely and securely share health data for their collaborative research projects. The UK’s research and education network Janet, provided by Jisc, is providing an efficient solution that secures the networks linking participating institutions and eliminates the need for them to develop and manage their own authentication systems.

Translating the potential of open data into practice

As the volume and richness of data rapidly increases, so does the demand for insight into strategies that can be implemented to harness its full value, says Harvey Lewis of Deloitte LLP.

Business intelligence and benchmarking can help universities make better decisions

Dr Giles Carden, director of strategic planning and analytics at the University of Warwick, explains why universities should be paying attention to business intelligence and benchmarking?

Universities UK’s Creating Value from Open Data seminar will feature guest speaker Alex Coley who will talk about open data strategy at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This event will also be streamed live.

Rosie Niven
Rosie is the content editor at Efficiency Exchange