How open data can benefit universities

On Tuesday, Universities UK will be hosting an open data mashup, which will focus on enhancing the student journey. As the event approaches, Efficiency Exchange is focusing on the potential of open data to benefit universities in delivering their mission.

Over the past year Efficiency Exchange has published several articles showing how open data can be valuable to universities. Here is a selection of content that highlights some of the potential uses for open data within universities.

Open data opportunities in higher education

Sharing data openly offers huge benefits for higher education and institutions must make the most of it, says Ian Powling, digital programmes lead at Universities UK.

Data-driven efficiency: what can higher education learn from consumer businesses?

Consumer businesses are bringing together internal data sets to build a single view of their customers. Harvey Lewis of Deloitte says that open data offers similar opportunities for higher education institutions to focus on their particular markets and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

New business intelligence service to widen access to data insights

Universities need insights about the wider environment in which they operate to help them make better informed decisions about their products and services. A new business intelligence service by Jisc and the Higher Education Statistics Agency harnesses data to support institutions’ decision making.

The open data mashup day is hosted by Universities UK, working in partnership with the Open Data Institute and Jisc. The event will see staff from higher education institutions come together with developers and designers to explore the value of working with open data.

Rosie Niven
Rosie is the content editor at Efficiency Exchange