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Strategic sourcing in UK universities: becoming ‘intelligent customers’

Universities are beginning to discover the benefits of new business models in their dealings with suppliers, say researchers at the University of the West of England. They argue that institutions should become ‘intelligent customers’, which will involve investment in new skills, changes in culture and raising the profile of procurement and supply professionals.
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Strategic sourcing: new approaches to deliver success

This conference will examine the state of play in strategic sourcing. It will demonstrate how universities can prioritise areas for change, better understand the marketplace for service providers and will offer tips for managing new relationships.

See the human factor as an opportunity: five ideas for leading transformation

As universities seek innovative approaches to delivering services, there's a vital role for leadership in successful engagement and change, says Mark Pegg of the Leadership Foundation who offers five ideas for leading transformation.
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HEPA helps universities improve their procurement expertise

Caroline Blackman-Edney, Chair of the BUFDG Procurement Professionals Group, tells University Business magazine that, “As procurement raises its profile within an institution, more departments within it will rely on procurement expertise. Building the capacity to offer these services should be key to a university’s wider risk management strategy. HEPA provides tools which enable personnel to achieve this.”

Procurement as a strategic asset in higher education – call for evidence

We know that procurement makes a key contribution to the savings agenda in higher education, yet the strategic value of procurement within institutions is...

Encouraging more sophisticated procurement through PMAs

Procurement Maturity Assessments (PMAs) provide a comprehensive “health check” for institutions' procurement services. SUPC’s Susan Wright explains how over the past five years PMAs have shown how procurement within universities is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Introducing the Higher Education Procurement Academy

The Higher Education Procurement Academy aims to be a centre of excellence for advanced procurement capability and professional development, built by the sector, for the sector.

Dear Nick: 30% collaborative spend is vital – and GeM can help

Your focus on encouraging universities to move towards the magical Diamond Report figure of 30% collaborative spend is hugely important. What is more, it is already happening because of one sector-defining tool: GeM. So said Richard Haggerty in his open letter to Nick Petford, following his keynote speech at COUP on 9 - 11 September in Liverpool.
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5 ways to kick start your change programme

'The beginning is the most important part of the work' - Plato. Following ancient wisdom, Meeta Thareja and Suzie Campbell offer a starter list for your change programme. They will be speaking at the 'Strategic Sourcing: new approaches to deliver success' conference in London on 4 February.
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Procurement as an institutional priority

Universities were encouraged by the Diamond report to see procurement as an institutional priority. But how can this be achieved in principle and what have universities done on the ground? Laura Watson, deputy director of procurement at Durham University, talks with John Lakin of Procurement UK about what has been achieved at her university.