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Procurement programme and online catalogue of government approved cloud computing commodity and support services.

HE Shared Legal

Subscription-based legal guidance service for UK HE institutions. Includes help desk and assistance with engaging legal advisers. Operating on a pilot basis, with HEFCE funding.

Strategic Sourcing in Higher Education – Survey

Senior managers involved in strategic sourcing decisions within UK higher education institutions are invited to participate in a HEFCE and Leadership Foundation funded research project....

Procurement UK Discussion Paper – April 2013

Procurement UK, formed to drive forward the procurement agenda in higher education, publishes its initial Discussion Paper for review and comment.

Procurement as a strategic asset in higher education – call for evidence

We know that procurement makes a key contribution to the savings agenda in higher education, yet the strategic value of procurement within institutions is...

Universities – the ‘intelligent customers’ of the future

Higher education institutions should develop their own approach to becoming ‘intelligent customers’ of suppliers, which will involve investment in new skills, changes in culture...

Smarter procurement is needed for sustainability

Improved procurement could be the secret to balancing the sector’s books in tough times, Nick Petford and Andy Davies suggest. With income falling for the first time and predictions of mounting pressure on surpluses, smarter procurement could be the key to a more sustainable form of higher education in England. Read the full post on THE (subscription required)

Consorting with the consortia – the 30% target

You might think there is nothing new about collaborative procurement in higher education. After all, there are six main procurement consortia based in England that have been working with institutions for some years. They help with collaborative procurement among institutions and between HE and other sectors. What is new is that there’s a target to hit, as set by the Diamond Report on Efficiency and Modernisation. By 2016, it is expected that 30% of non-pay spend should be through effective collaborative arrangements. That’s a tough target, and it raises a number of questions.

HE’s financial health… and a missed opportunity

Procurement - why no mention of it in HEFCE's latest report on the financial health of the higher education sector? asks Andy Davies, Director of London...

Outsourced vs on campus services: what’s the best model? – live chat

With the sector spending around £10bn a year on goods and services, universities are looking to reorganise – through outsourcing or collaborative procurement –...