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Lean HE

Lean HE

Lean HE is the international organisation for Lean and continuous improvement within universities. For staff working within HE who are leading, implementing, or considering continuous improvement. It delivers an annual international conference and networks based in Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Its work is practice based, action focused, and informed by leading thought; in order to support applied learning and the implementation of continuous improvement philosophies in HE.

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Lean leadership: five steps to get the best from yourself and others

How do you create the right conditions for lean to flourish? The University of Strathclyde’s John Hogg outlines five key behaviours that will help to foster a lean approach in higher education.

How to create a lean team

Institutions implementing a lean strategy need to think carefully about who will support it. The University of Sheffield’s Rachel McAssey explains some of the elements that make up a successful lean team.
The University of Aberdeen library

Making lean an integral part of existing change agendas

The University of Aberdeen has been using lean methods since 2009 establishing its own business improvement team in 2012. Pat Browne, who heads up the team, explains why finding a good fit, aligned with the institution’s priorities, is crucial to directing resources and making a difference.

Demystifying lean

To the unfamiliar, lean with its glossary of Japanese terms can appear daunting. But in the second part of our series on lean methods, consultant Christine Stewart argues that lean is actually relatively simple - and using fancy stationery can help with understanding.
A & BL (academic and Business Liaison) Team. Steve Yorkstone - Senior Consultant

How lean relates to other process improvement methods

While it originated in Japan’s car industry, lean has proved to be applicable to many different types of organisations. Edinburgh Napier’s Steve Yorkstone explains how lean is just one method of continuous improvement and the difference to alternatives are becoming less apparent.
Steve Yorkstone, Edinburgh Napier

What lean could mean for you

Do you develop a cold sweat whenever you hear the term “lean”? Our series of blogposts about lean methodology aims to change all, that starting with an introduction to the philosophy of lean by Edinburgh Napier’s Steve Yorkstone.