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Overall view of the Mission Control Center (MCC), Houston, Texas, during the Gemini 5 flight. Note the screen at the front of the MCC which is used to track the progress of the Gemini spacecraft.

What happens when the dial turns red?

When the data shows that a student is struggling, how should universities respond? Brian Hipkin issues a plea to academics and their professional services colleagues to work together more to understand the student lifestyle from the student's perspective.

Timeline revealed for Heidi Plus data analytics service

Key dates have been revealed for the roll out of the Heidi Plus data analytics service, part of the HESA and Jisc business intelligence project. A series of screen shots have also been released for the service which will be phased in from November to replace the original Heidi system.

Why blockchain could be the future in knowledge procurement

More applications are emerging for blockchain - a formerly obscure technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin. Nick Petford, chair of the Procurement UK forum and vice chancellor of the University of Northampton, is excited about its potential for procurement.
John Lacey pitching his app at Open Data Mashup Day

John Lacey: ‘my perception of value for money has definitely improved’

Some 20 universities have joined forces to create a more defined path for graduates interested in a career in higher education with the Ambitious Futures programme. John Lacey, who has had placements at two universities in the north west of England, describes how these experiences have offered him new perspectives on the student journey.
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Higher education data project to focus on the student journey

Open data's role in helping institutions and students understand more about the journey through higher education will be the main focus of a project to demonstrate the value of open data to universities, Universities UK policy researcher William Hammonds has revealed in a blogpost.
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UUK seminar: What is open data and why should we be interested?

With Gavin Starks, Chief Executive, Open Data Institute. 17:00 – 18:30 on Tuesday 24 June 2014 at Woburn House. The UUK seminar series ‘Creating value from open data’ kicks off with Gavin Starks of the Open Data Institute. Gavin will be talking about why open data is so important, how the agenda is developing and what higher education should take on board. The Open Data institute is an independent, non-profit organisation working to catalyse open data innovation established by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt and supported by funding of £10 million over five years from the UK Government.

Full house for data experts at the University of Southampton

Universities around the world are providing their students with open data to enable students to extend the digital ecosystem with their own software. In the UK, the most well known is the University of Southampton and this write-up of a visit from UCL's TechSoc nicely describes project leaders' bingo-inspired solution to overcome resistance to opening up data

Jisc selects pilots for new shared service

Jisc has selected 13 institutions to pilot its research data management shared service and also announced an accompanying network to engage with interested institutions who are not part of the pilot.

Europe-wide MOOC on reducing data centres’ energy consumption

A consortium of institutions from around Europe including Leeds Beckett University and University College Dublin have launched an online course highlighting ways of reducing the costly levels of energy consumption by data centres.

Managing data management – can you help?

As part of Efficiency Exchange's mission to help institutions share expertise, Alison Wallis from Royal Holloway, University of London would like to hear your experiences of improving data management.