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We call it data students call it life

We call it data – students call it life

Big data will back up the new breed of personal tutors in universities. But Brian Hipkin worries that relying on statistics without a meaningful human context will create a support system that will ultimately fail students.

New business intelligence service to widen access to data insights

Universities need insights about the wider environment in which they operate to help them make better informed decisions about their products and services. A new business intelligence service will be launched by Jisc and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) later this year to support university staff in making the most of the data available to them.
John Lacey pitching his app at Open Data Mashup Day

John Lacey: ‘my perception of value for money has definitely improved’

Some 20 universities have joined forces to create a more defined path for graduates interested in a career in higher education with the Ambitious Futures programme. John Lacey, who has had placements at two universities in the north west of England, describes how these experiences have offered him new perspectives on the student journey.

Road map published for the higher education information landscape

The New Landscape project seeks to create a design for the information landscape, something that has never previously existed in higher education. Rosie Niven rounds up the main points set out in the publication of a report setting out the roadmap for data in higher education.
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An efficient solution to researchers’ identity crisis

Next week’s Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) annual conference will include a session on how universities are implementing the ORCID researcher identifier. Ahead of the event, Jisc’s Verena Weigert explains how ORCID is enabling more effective research management.

The rise of the new academic advisor

Could the advent of the TEF see the emergence of a new breed of data-empowered academic advisors? Student experience consultant Brian Hipkin says the growth in student-generated ‘teaching excellence’ metrics could herald the introduction of this role.
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Three posts about open data and efficiency

With open data the focus of an event organised by Universities UK on 18 November, we look back at Efficiency Exchange's previous coverage of this area. Here are three posts focusing on the use of open data in Higher Education.
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Open Data as Open Educational Resources 

This collection of case studies put together by Open Education and Universities UK aims to demonstrate the enormous potential for openly-licensed and accessible datasets to be used as Open Educational Resources. The book can be viewed free of charge online.
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‘Creating value from open data’ programme launches today

Open data can help increase universities' efficiency, says Paul Clark, launching UUK's 'Creating value from open data' joint programme with the Open Data Institute. UUK is already leading a programme of work which supports efficiency and modernisation in the university sector, and open data can play a key role in this. Opening data on, for example, procurement costs, energy costs and usage, or space utilisation will allow institutions to benchmark one another and drive down costs. There may also be opportunities through transferring good practice from one part of the sector to another.

Meet Heidi Plus, HESA’s new business intelligence service 

A new business intelligence service has been launched by Jisc and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to support university staff in making the most of the data available to them. HESA's Jonathan Waller explains how it will benefit the sector.