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Andy Youell, director of HEDIIP, is a keen jazz drummer

Banging the drum for better data governance

Following the launch of the Higher Education Data & Improvement Programme’s (HEDIIP) New Landscape report, Rosie Niven talks to HEDIIP director and keen jazz drummer Andy Youell about the importance of data and why universities should value it

How clearing is changing

The A-level results are published next week with students entering what has been described as the most competitive admissions market yet. But Dan Benyon writes on Wonkhe that clearing is changing, starting earlier with universities adopting a much more targeted, data driven approach.

Business intelligence and benchmarking can help universities make better decisions

We heard from Chris Hale of Universities UK about how universities use benchmarking to understand their management data. As a follow-up, the Efficiency Exchange asks Dr Giles Carden, Director of Strategic Planning & Analytics at the University of Warwick, for his views.

Sir Ian Diamond: ‘We can improve… by sharing best practice’.

In an interview with Efficiency Exchange, Professor Sir Ian Diamond reflects on how universities have adapted to become more efficient.
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Higher education data project to focus on the student journey

Open data's role in helping institutions and students understand more about the journey through higher education will be the main focus of a project to demonstrate the value of open data to universities, Universities UK policy researcher William Hammonds has revealed in a blogpost.
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HEFCE highlights examples of accessible financial information

HEFCE has identified good practice case studies of institutions presenting their financial information in a way that is accessible to students. A report containing the case studies shows the different approaches universities have adopted.
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Efficient sharing of university data is closer than you think

Open data is enabling higher education institutions to discover and make the most of opportunities to collaborate, share equipment and expertise. Adrian Cox, project manager at, writes about how how this kind of collaboration is helping to achieve efficiencies.

Timeline revealed for Heidi Plus data analytics service

Key dates have been revealed for the roll out of the Heidi Plus data analytics service, part of the HESA and Jisc business intelligence project. A series of screen shots have also been released for the service which will be phased in from November to replace the original Heidi system.
The Sheffield Hallam University team at the Open Data Mashup

Open Data Mashup Challenge – a participant’s view

A group of graduate interns and apprentices from Student Services in the at Sheffield Hallam University’s (SHU) Faculty of Development and Society were among the participants in November’s Open Data Mashup Challenge. Lucy Shanks explains how the challenge will benefit their work to improve the student journey.
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Is anybody out there?

Changes to key metrics that make up the TEF will mean that universities will become more reliant on good quality outcomes data. Brian Hipkin says more demanding requirements will mean less time chasing staff for up-to-date student data but will require universities to forge a new relationship with graduates.