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Andy Youell, director of HEDIIP, is a keen jazz drummer

Banging the drum for better data governance

Following the launch of the Higher Education Data & Improvement Programme’s (HEDIIP) New Landscape report, Rosie Niven talks to HEDIIP director and keen jazz drummer Andy Youell about the importance of data and why universities should value it

Giving students power over their learning data

Universities are investing time and money in creating learning analytics systems, but Ed Foster of Nottingham Trent Universities says these systems are only as good to the support given to staff and students who use them.

Shared services – Jisc shared data centre – case study – June 2015

Jisc has joined forces with Infinity SDC and six anchor tenants to provide a shared data centre for research and education. Potential benefits significant cost savings through aggregating requirements across tenants.

Raising the bar through collaboration

The Jisc-HESA Heidi lab project has brought professionals from a range of universities together to create dashboards for the sector’s new Heidi Plus business intelligence service. Anne Buckle, who took a leading role in one project team, highlights some of the benefits of this model of collaboration.
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UK research secures new national data centre

A new Jisc shared data centre housing the data of six leading UK scientific and academic organisations will enable the sharing of high volumes of data. The facility represents a significant example of asset sharing in the sector with the potential to deliver cost savings and reduce the procurement needs of institutions.
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Open data mashup day – speakers and agenda

Enhancing the student journey will be the focus of today’s open data mashup hosted by Universities UK. Find out more about the participants in today’s event and how the open data agenda relates to higher education.

Show me the numbers – making data analytics work for you

Data analytics are becoming more accessible for higher education institutions. Giles Carden, an advisor and co-designer at HESPA, offers some tips about how to make the best use of them.

Calls for more data sharing in policy making and HE

With open data to form a key strand in the second phase of efficiency work in higher education led by Sir Ian Diamond, we feature a contribution to the discussion by the Royal Statistical society that argues for the importance of data in policy and academia.
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UUK seminar: What is open data and why should we be interested?

With Gavin Starks, Chief Executive, Open Data Institute. 17:00 – 18:30 on Tuesday 24 June 2014 at Woburn House. The UUK seminar series ‘Creating value from open data’ kicks off with Gavin Starks of the Open Data Institute. Gavin will be talking about why open data is so important, how the agenda is developing and what higher education should take on board. The Open Data institute is an independent, non-profit organisation working to catalyse open data innovation established by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt and supported by funding of £10 million over five years from the UK Government.
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Welcome to the intelligent campus

As 'smart homes' become more and more sophisticated, universities are harnessing technology to improve the campus or classroom experience for students. Now institutions are planning on taking it to the next level, by using data from sensors, tracking and the internet, combined with information from other sources, as Jisc's James Clay describes in this blog.